photography of purple and green aurora beam below grey space satellite

GNSS Status

Global Positioning services are affected by weather. No, not earth weather, but space weather. Sun spots cause solar flares. These flares cause solar "winds" and particulate to blast Earth. When this happens, GPS equipment can be affected, and positioning accuracy diminished. This page will show you real time information related to satellite health, space weather, etc.

 Aurora Forecast

The following map is produced by the NOAA Space Prediction Center. It shows the probability of norther lights. Northern lights are a high indication of GPS interference in the day leading up to and following the light show.

Courtesy of NOAA

 Space Weather Overview

The following is updated in real time and shows any sun-related activity. Anything in the "Yellow" or above could cause various interference and precision issues with WAAS and GPS navigation in general.

Courtesy of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

 Ionospheric Particles

Real time particulate content in the upper atmosphere. The more particulate matter, the more interference with positioning systems.

Courtesy of Trimble, Inc.